This release fixes a number of security and stability issues discovered in Firefox
MFSA 2008-11 Web forgery overwrite with div overlay
MFSA 2008-10 URL token stealing via stylesheet redirect
MFSA 2008-09 Mishandling of locally-saved plain text files
MFSA 2008-08 File action dialog tampering
MFSA 2008-06 Web browsing history and forward navigation stealing
MFSA 2008-05 Directory traversal via chrome: URI
MFSA 2008-04 Stored password corruption
MFSA 2008-03 Privilege escalation, XSS, Remote Code Execution
MFSA 2008-02 Multiple file input focus stealing vulnerabilities
MFSA 2008-01 Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:


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8 comentarii

  1. Cam copt. Parerea mea… :(

  2. Oare se mai blocheaza Gmail-ul in versiunea asta?

  3. zoso am si o intrebare. In ideea in care sustineai in ceva post/comentariu ca „your web monkey days are over” de ce faci astfel de inscrieri?
    You „web monkey days” sunt in apogeu dude cu astfel de „postari”

  4. In timpul update-ului:

    Chrome Registration Failed

    Firefox could not install this item because of a failure in Chrome Registration. Please contact the
    author about this problem.


    SnagIt 8

  5. Hai ca ma dau si eu cu parerea … macar da un link util, daca totusi aterizeaza cineva pe aici sa aiba linkul catre download, nu catre changelog …

  6. Done the upgrade !

  7. The planned release date was February 12 but for some reasons they rushed the launch day :)



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