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6 comentarii

  1. Ochii aia… mama-mama! Mi se pare c-o stiu de undeva; poate, daca si-ar da rochia jos as sti precis de unde s-o iau. 🙂

  2. Cand a aparut asta in Californication?

  3. Mai exact:
    – It’s just you fucked me in the ass, Hank.- Oh, are we speaking metaphorically? Because …- No, I gave up the butt for you. Do you think I would have let you sodomize me if I didn’t think there was a future here?- You did say that you liked it more than you thought you would.- Well that’s not the point.- That’s not the point….- This man’s a monster.- He likes to fuck women in the ass and then tell them that he justwants to keep it casual.

  4. Da, mi-am adus aminte. 🙂

  5. O vedeti si-n Justified, cred ca tocmai ce-a inceput sezonul 3. 



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